One of our most active and exciting ministries at James Island Baptist Church is our Senior Adult group, also called the Joy Club.  Activities are planned monthly and cover a wide range of events, including ministry opportunities, historical venues, entertainment outings, and more!  Whether it's a trip to Nashville, Mt Airy, downtown Charleston, a local school to be a reading buddy, or even performing a concert for our church shut-ins at a local nursing home, you will make lots of friends and be welcomed by all.  Also check out one of our many connection groups where you can experience an in-depth Bible study group and grow closer to God.  All are welcome!

For an up-to-date list of upcoming Joy Club events, see our event page, or contact Cheryl Parish - email


Laugh, learn, and lean in on friends for support!  4 classes to choose from, plus many areas to serve throughout the church.
• 10 AM in room F-103
• 10 AM in room F-101
• 10 AM in room E-201
• 10 AM in room E-202