About us

Our mission is to Reach, Redeem, and Restore every man, woman, and child so that they may know and experience a personal relationship with God.  Together we grow in faith to become mature followers of Christ and to make disciples of Christ.

We are a Southern Baptist Church and we adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message.
We Are Purpose Driven Church.  We know that God has a purpose for every individual and we are driven by the vision to help everyone discover God’s purpose for their life. 

We worship in a casual setting with a wide variety of clothing attire, from shorts and jeans to suits and dresses.  
Our musical worship is led by a praise band with modern instruments, and our praise singers lead us in a combination of songs from Christian radio, church song writers, hymns and choruses.  Rather than focusing on the style of music, we focus on the object of our worship, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Senior Pastor - Tom Brown (email)
Associate Pastor - Open
Worship Pastor - David Martin (email)
Youth Ministry Director - Logan Duvall (email)
Children's Director -Kat Cumberledge (email)
Children's Outreach Director - Joanne Brown (email)
Ministry Assistant - Neale Young (email)
Riverland Terrace Day School Director - Laura Holmes (email)