What will your next step be? 

We come to JIBC looking for different things in a church and many of us may not even be sure what you're really looking for.  We believe that you are not here by mistake.  God has a plan and He wants you to take that next step to grow closer to Him and to the others he has placed around you as we Journey Together. 
Starting Point - Maybe you just have some questions about God and you're not sure what you believe. This is a great place to start - at the beginning. We welcome your questions and would love to help you figure out how you're wired and what a relationship with God looks like.  Register Here
Next Step Breakfast - Perhaps you already know what it means to Share in a relationship with Christ and you are working on your relationship with God. We would love for you to join us for the Next Step breakfast the first Sunday of each of Month at 10am.  Join us in our Fellowship Hall for some refreshments and a quick look at JIBC - we will answer some general questions and then we will help you determine the next step of getting plugged in. 
Group Link - Groups are the vehicle we use (so to speak) that help you navigate our discipleship path, leadership development, and service opportunities here at JIBC. Once a quarter we offer an opportunity for you to learn about our groups and to hear from others in groups. However, you don't have to wait for a Group Link to roll around. You can get started in a group this week and we would love to help you take that next step of journeying with others.  Reach out to Scott for some direction and finding a group that meets your needs - Email Here
Discovery Courses - We offer different spiritual markers here at JIBC to help individuals know where they are in their discipleship journey and to be encouraged along the way by others who are in the same place you are as you move forward in your next step.  We offer Discovering Membership, Maturity, Ministry, and Missions. Along the way your group will also help you grow to new levels. We will notify everyone of these courses as they are offered throughout the year.  
Going Full Circle - As you can see below our goal is to help you mature.  If you're interested in beginning your journey with us in personal growth we invite you to discover more by downloading the overview below but as well we invite you do some growing on your own. We have all of the tools you need and then some. Visit our page on Going Full Circle! 
Our process of discipleship is simple.  As you progress through our Discovery courses you will be moving closer to becoming a "Mature" Christian that is ready to disciple others in their journey.  We see stages similar to life stages. No matter where you are in your walk we will help you get to a place of new growth and closer to being the Disciple Maker God called you to be.

Download our Overview